The Right Way to Assemble a Moving Box

Moving can be a frustrating process, but knowing the right way to put a box together can make your experience much less stressful. You may not even know that you’ve spent your entire life not knowing how to properly assemble a moving box, but our goal is that you’ll finally be able to once you finish reading this post.

Make sure that your box is put together properly for the safety of yourself and of your belongings. You don’t want to find out that your box isn’t put together right when you go to pick it up and all of your things fall out.

Supplies You’ll Need

How to Assemble a Moving Box

Step 1: Go to your local U-Haul and pick up your boxes, packaging tape, and utility knife.
Step 2: Make sure that you start with your box completely flat.
Step 3: At the top of the box are the top flaps, and these flaps are connected by a small piece of cardboard that is used for the flap lock feature. Flip both sides (both sides of the top of the box where the flaps are connected) of the flaps down against the box.
Step 4: Open the box up into its square shape. The top flaps should stay against the box with the flap locks.
Step 5: Make sure that the box is in its square shape with flaps locked.
Step 6: Flip the box over and fold two opposite flaps together, then repeat for the other two flaps.
Use box/packaging tape to tape the box closed in one straight line across the middle where the bottom flaps meet. For added protection, add another strip of tape or two. The less space between these flaps when you tape them up, the more sturdy the box will be when you pack your things.
Step 7: Flip the box and pack!
Step 8: Once packed, use a utility knife to cut the two small flap locks on the corners of the box.
Step 9: Make sure that the flaps are completely cut and the flaps are away from the box.
Step 10: Fold the flaps over (Same as step 5).
Step 11: Use box/packaging tape again to tape the top closed.

How To Assemble A Box

Now you know how to assemble a moving box! If you have any other box tips/uses, let us know in the comments below!