How U-Box Containers Work For Temporary Storage

As we progress into a new decade, how we move should also progress. It shouldn’t be reliant on another company’s time. It should be based on your schedule and your needs. This is where a U-Box container becomes your go-to moving choice.

Envision this scenario.

You received an unbelievable offer on your house that you couldn’t turn down. However, you don’t have a new house lined up. That’s okay! There’s no need to panic.

All you need to do is make the request that U-Haul drops off as many U-Box containers as you believe you’ll need. Once you pack them up, we’ll pick them up and secure them until your new destination is determined. If you end up moving out of state, we’ll even ship them to your new house. Using U-Box containers for temporary storage gives you flexibility.

Our goal is to be the rock in an otherwise crazy time.

temporary storage units are available at U-Haul location everywhere to make whatever life throws at you easier

How to Arrange for a U-Box Container for temporary storage:

Step 1: You can choose how many U-Box containers you will use and have them delivered to your house. For reference, one container fits 1.5 rooms

Step 2: Select when you’d like your U-Box container delivered and when it should be picked up.

Step 3: Store it locally or ship it if you know your new destination and we can store it there until you have your new address. 

Step 4: We’ll stay in contact with you regarding your container and let you know when it has arrived in your new city. Once your scheduled drop off date arrives, you will have it on your doorstep.

temporary storage at your home

With just four steps, U-Haul keeps it convenient, accommodates your schedules, and secures it in a fashion you can rely on.

What the video to learn more

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