Living in Sacramento

You’ve made a great choice in moving to Sactown! This River City has a wide range of things to do, culture and experiences. Now that you’ve unpacked your boxes and settled in, these tips will help you really make living in Sacramento feel like home!



The weather in Sacramento is idyllic, with mild winters and summers.  Winter temps average out around the mid 40s. The summer heat is regulated and mellowed out by that unmistakable sea breeeze, or the delta breeze as it’s called in Sactown. Take advantage of the fair weather- get outside and enjoy the neighboring mountains and lakes.

Where to Live

An important question you’ll want to ask yourself before settling in Sacramento is- should I live in the city or the suburbs? This will determine your focus and give you a clearer idea of what neighborhood you wan to live in. provides five great neighborhoods you might want to live in when you settle in SacTown. Consider these:

  • Midtown: you’ll get cool bars and restaurants- it’s where the hipsters are!
  • Tahoe Park: this is an up and coming area, great for first home buyers.
  • Land Park: it’s for the families!
  • Natomas: great for young professionals and younger families.
  • Elk Grove: this is where you’ll get that subdivision housing look.

Things to Do

The inhabitants of Sacramento are very diverse- from universities and retirement communities there will be something to do for everyone! Here are a few must-sees to add to your list:

  • Sacramento Zoo
  • Enjoy the nightlife in downtown or midtown Sacramento
  • Catch a Sacramento Kings Game
  • California State Railroad Museum
  • Ride the river – try kayaking!
  • Hit the American River Trail- it’s great for running, biking, or cycling

Did you move to Sacramento? Share the tips in the comments that helped living in Sacramento feel like home!