Visiting the Narcisse Snake Dens

Map to the Snake Dens Courtesy of Manitoba Wildlife and Ecosystem Protection BranchThe snake dens are located just six kilometers north of the town of Narcisse off Highway No. 17 in Manitoba. When visiting you will be able to walk along a three-kilometer walking trail which will take you through native grasslands and aspen bush. Snake dens can be seen nestled in the landscape along the trails. While the park is open year-round, the best times to view the snakes are in the late spring and early fall. During the latter part of April and the first three weeks of May, the snakes are occupied with mating, which makes them easily approachable. In early September, the snakes once again return to the vicinity of their dens and will remain active until the wet autumn weather forces them to retreat underground into the dens.

Map of the park Courtesy of Manitoba Wildlife and Ecosystem Protection BranchPlan to spend at least one to two hours walking through the park enjoying the scenery and snakes. Remember to bring your camera, water and possibly a light snack. The trail is rocky in some areas, so be sure to wear hiking boots or running shoes. For your safety, as well as that of the snakes, please be sure not to enter the dens or the adjacent buffer zones. For your convenience, the park is equipped with orientation signs, bathrooms and drinking water. You may pick up the snakes, but please do so only in the presence of site staff members who can show you how to properly handle the fragile creatures.

For more information on the seasonal status of the Narcisse Snake Dens call 1-800-214-6497.