3 Things Parents Wish They Knew Before Moving Their Kids to College

Your kids have grown up right before your very eyes and now they’re ready for the big move to college but are you? Most parents take it in stride and treat it like any other move; however, there are three things often forgotten. Read the tips below and make moving kids to college easier.

Pack Wisely

Moving kids to college is easier with CollegeBoxes.

Moving kids to college is as easy as packing only the essentials to minimize the process and maximize the experience. As we’ve seen, life can be unpredictable and campus shut-downs and emergency move outs happen. It’s for these reasons that packing should be made easier. Enjoy these benefits when you pack only the essentials:

  • More space in their dorms.
  • Quicker packing.
  • Faster moving.

Double-check to see what their college allows and provides already, to make sure they have enough of what they need and not extra.

Documentation of Items

Choosing what to pack is important but so is keeping track of what you’re packing. This especially comes in handy when you’re moving kids to college dorms where they have to share a room. When move out comes, you’ll know exactly what belongs to your kid. First, create an itemized list of their belongings. It is recommended that photos be taken or recorded. Keep this list tucked away until move-out comes so there is less confusion over who owns what.

Moving Kids to College Made Easier

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to moving kids to college. Preparing them mentally and making sure they have all the supplies they need takes enough time as it is. Make it easier by letting CollegeBoxes take care of the move.

CollegeBoxes handles student storage, shipping, and moving all over the country. They combine U-Haul’s network of storage facilities, Moving Helpers, and truck rental locations to provide high quality services to students nationwide. Parents, think about how easy it can realistically be with all that help!

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