What You Need to Know Before Reserving A Moving Truck

After careful consideration, you chose U-Haul to help you with your move or DIY project. We’re flattered! But what happens next? We’ll take you through the motions and help you prepare before reserving a moving truck.

More Than Just Moving Trucks

For your move, you have options. When booking your reservation, you’ll select your preferred equipment, location, and pick up time. Moving trucks are usually top of mind, but there are other options that may serve you better. Before reserving a moving truck, understand your moving needs. Do you need to travel a few miles or hundreds? Will you have room on the street for a 26′ moving truck while loading and unloading? Consider your options before reserving a moving truck.

Big Hauls

Big projects and moves need space and security. Moving trucks are great at keeping your things out of the elements. If weather isn’t an issue, utility trailers are a cheaper option and have an open top to allow over-sized and irregular shaped items to be hauled. All you need is a hitch! Luckily, our professionals can get you booked for an appointment to get hitched up at select locations. See if a trailer will work for you before reserving a moving truck.

Long-Distance Hauls

Long hauls are what started our business! We understand that a lot of planning goes into it and that every move has different requirements. Fortunately, we have a variety of equipment to help fit those moving needs.

U-Box containers can be packed in store or at your home.

These containers are the way to go for long-distance moves when you don’t want to drive with your belongings or you need to store your things for a few weeks before moving into your new home. Each container fits about a room to a room and a half of items. This is the best hands-off option since U-Haul will drop-off and pick-up the boxes then ship them to your new home. All you have to worry about is getting you and your family to the new place.

Utility trailers have already been mentioned, but did you know we also have cargo and car trailers? Cargo trailers can be towed behind your personal vehicle- and much like trucks- protect your items from weather and road grime. If you have an extra vehicle to tow, we have you covered with our tow dolly or auto transport. Trailers are budget friendly with unlimited miles!

Tow your vehicle with the auto transporter.

U-Haul has a truck size for every household move. Keep in mind that many families are moving and truck inventory is quite dynamic. Creating a reservation is the first step to getting you help from a local U-Haul agent. Reservation managers in your area will help you with your moving needs and offer moving options if what you need is not currently available.

City Moving

Whether you’ve lived the city life or not, one thing you can count on is limited street space. That means a 26′ Jumbo Hauler moving truck might not be a good option. You want something space efficient and parking compatible. While a 10′ moving truck is suitable, alternatively, you can use a U-Box container! U-Box containers can be placed in your driveway, or when put on a U-Box trailer, can be parked in any legal parking spot.

Reserve More Than a Moving Truck

Now that we’ve leveled up your equipment knowledge, it’s time to open your world up to even more opportunities to make your move easier.

Protect your dishes by packing them in the Dishsaver Glass Pack Box.

Moving supplies are just as important as moving equipment when it comes to protecting your items. Use pads, cushion foam, or Enviro-Bubble to prevent your items from shifting and breaking. There’s a moving box for everything, including your wardrobe, TV, and dishes. There are even customizable kits that include everything you need based off of how many rooms you’re packing up.

You never know what the road before you holds. Understand the risks that are beyond your control: weather, other drivers, and road conditions. Add some peace of mind with Safemove. There’s multiple coverage options to fit your budget and needs.

Whether you’re in between moves or needing temporary storage, U-Haul has you covered with indoor and outdoor options. Storage is extended to RV’s, boats, cars, and more!

MovingHelp is a great way to get a full-service move feel without paying the same price. Kick your feet up while they pack, load, and clean on moving day. Reserve your labor by how many helpers and hours you need.

Let MovingHelp do the loading for you on moving day.

Now that all this information has been received, you’re ready to make your reservation! Go online, stop by in store, or call us to get it all set up for moving day.

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