Tips and Tools for Small Moves – An Easy Move Guide

Not every move is a big move. Moving into a small space like a studio or college dorm may not need the assistance of full-service movers. If you’re only moving a small load of items, a pickup truck or cargo van may be sufficient. Use these pro tips and tools for small moves.

Types of Small Moves

Local Move

Moving somewhere nearby? Experienced mover tip: local moves can take longer than anticipated. The best way to accomplish a short-distance move is to knock it all out at once. Kits are great for getting the essentials you need in one package.

Studio or One-Bedroom Apartment

A move into a studio or one-bedroom apartment is considered a small one. A small apartment means only having to move a small truck’s worth of boxes and furniture. This can completed with ease by simply renting a pickup truck or cargo van.

Tips and Tools for Small Moves: Tools and Transport

U-Box Moving and Storage Containers
Utilizing a moving container like U-Box is one of the best tools to handle a small move. If you’re moving to a studio apartment, a U-Box should be large enough to fit all items. These moving containers are helpful for anyone moving to an urban environment where parking is sparse and space is limited.

U-Box on City Street tips and tools

Moving Kits

Getting the right amount of boxes and supplies for your move can seem overwhelming. Our moving experts recognized this frustration and created various custom box kits to address this need. Moving kits are assembled with the the size of your move in mind. Choose either The Apartment Kit or 1-2 Bedroom Kit and for even larger moves 4+ Bedroom Master Pak Moving Kit will fit the job. The great thing about these kits is that they are customizable, so you’ll always have the right amount of everything you need.

Woman packing boxes using tips and tools for small moves.

A small truck rental, cargo van or trailer are ideal for small moves. Trailer rentals and cargo vans are great for studio and dorm room moves, which typically don’t involve large furniture items. Whether you’re going with a truck, van or trailer, remember to rent or purchase the moving equipment necessary to get your belongings out of your home without damage or strain (example: moving straps to lift heavy appliances and furniture).

Tips and Tools for a Small Moves: Things to Keep in Mind

Before choosing a method of moving your items, there are several considerations to keep in mind.

  • Moving Timeline – Moving Day approaches faster than we realize. Give yourself plenty of time to cover the logistics of your move like getting the keys to your new place and donating or storing items. For more on planning, check out The Moving Timeline blog.
  • Store What Matters – Not everything may make the transition to your new residence. For those items that you need stored, a small storage unit will do the trick. We recommend storing miscellaneous items from around the apartment, dorm, or your seasonal gear (fishing gear, skis, bikes, etc.).
  • Budget – A small move can still be costly if not properly planned. Setting a budget beforehand will keep costs in check. Those with a larger budget can look into hiring professional movers like Moving Help or renting a U-Box moving container.

Utilizing the tips and tools above should make your upcoming move a successful one. Be sure to follow us on social media @UHaul on all platforms for more tips and tricks!