Cardboard Box Moving Hacks

The truth is out! You’ve been living in a state of denial up until this point. Cardboard boxes are not just for packing or DIY crafts! With the help of our moving experts from MovingHelp®, we’ve created a collection of moving hacks that you can do with leftover moving boxes:

cardboard boxes hacks

  1. Cardboard Filler: If you have excess space in your moving boxes and don’t have access to packing peanuts or high performance packing material, tear up pieces of leftover cardboard boxes to fill in gaps. This will help keep your items securely in place as you move.
  2. Cardboard Layers: Your art is precious to you. Protect it from damage by placing a piece of cardboard between any art pieces and frames. By placing cardboard between the art and frame itself you protect the glass from shattering. By placing it between your different canvas art pieces you protect the canvas from tearing and maximize packing space.
  3. Cardboard Stop: Prop your door open so that you can easily enter and exit your home as you move. Simply shove some folded cardboard under your door to keep it in place. Voila! DIY door stopper!
  4. Cardboard Protector: Did you know that cardboard is also a great floor protector? Keep carpets and staircases clean and damage free by covering them with cardboard. Keep the cardboard flaps in place using tape. Now you can freely walk or roll your dolly across the floors without care!
  5. Take a Box, Leave a Box: Find moving boxes, FOR FREE! Most U-Haul Stores offer a Take a Box, Leave a Box kiosk where customers can drop off leftover or lightly used moving boxes or pick up moving boxes left by others. This is a great way to find cardboard to use for these moving hacks as well as recycle.
  6. Reserve Moving Help®: We may know a few of their moving secrets, but they surely have a lot more. Not to mention that these tips came directly from them so they are going to be much better at doing it than we could image! They are called experts in moving for a good reason!

To see all these cardboard boxes moving hacks carried out by the Moving Helpers® themselves, watch the video below!

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