The 5 Best Cities to Live In During the Winter

Don’t suffer through another polar vortex! Instead pack up your home and come stand in the sun in the best cities to live in during the winter:

The 5 Best Cities to Live In During the WinterPhoenix

I might be a little biased, seeing as I live here, but Phoenix is a dream. The average winter temperatures range from high 60s to low 70s, which means you can get away with shorts and t-shirts on some days. Phoenix has some of the most beautiful pink sunset and desert views from the many hiking trails. As the downtown area continues to expand more restaurants, shops and people find themselves in the heart of the city.

If you want to step out of the city for a bit, you can visit Scottsdale and Tempe as they both have unique attractions only a short drive away from the heart of the city.

The 5 Best Cities to Live In During the WinterWest Palm Beach, Florida

This vibrant city is lined with palm trees and attractions, not to mention beautiful beaches. West Palm Beach residents enjoy average winter temperatures in the mid-70s! This means any day is a beach day. You can relax under the sun, do outdoor activities, go to festivals and enjoy the waterfront views. Run away from your winter and enjoy a vibrant, culturally diverse, and historic city.

The 5 Best Cities to Live In During the WinterHonolulu

Who doesn’t dream of visiting this paradise! If you’ve been to Honolulu chances are you thought about living there. The average winter temperatures in paradise are in the 80s! This means eternal beach days and fruit drinks. Living here means you can continue to get to know the city, but as a resident. Explore the natural museums, performing arts and mingle with the locals. Culture is everywhere in this city.

If you’re seriously considering moving to Hawaii, check out these tips.

The 5 Best Cities to Live In During the WinterLong Beach, California

Maybe you don’t want to live in the freezing winter, but you don’t want eternal summers either. Long Beach is a great middle ground with the average winter temperatures in the high 60s. This means that while you get to comfortably go about your day, you can choose to sport a coat after dark. You also get to call beautiful beaches your home. Enjoy the laid-back culture of this beach city and the many day and night attractions. There’s no reason to be bored in Long Beach when you have chances for adventure in every corner.

The 5 Best Cities to Live In During the WinterNaples, Florida

If you want your winter temperatures to average the high-70s and enjoy a quiet, relaxing environment, Naples is for you. Naples has shopping, dining and world class golf courses. You can also spend your days off fishing or on a boat enjoying the beautiful sights. Living in Naples also has location perks. The city is near the famous Everglades and only a short drive away from the busier city of Fort Myers.

Are you considering moving to avoid freezing winters? If so, where to? Let me know in the comments.