Moving to Western Florida

moving to western florida2

Of course there’s Miami and Orlando, but the Bradenton area in Florida is a great place to raise and family and enjoy great weather. With lots of cool attractions, there’s always something to do on your own or with the family! Here are some things to keep in mind when moving to Western Florida:

Life Revolves Around the Beach

Because you are practically on the water living in this area, a lot of your decisions on a day to day basis will be based on the ocean. Bradenton is on the Manatee River which flows into Tampa Bay, so even if you wanted to ignore the sea life, it is part of your new home! Embrace your new home and new lifestyle!

Sea Life Activities

This “life on the beach” lifestyle comes with some pretty great perks. You can spend the afternoon fishing on the Skyway Bridge with lots of other residents, or just park yourself on the beach and listen to the waves crashing. If you see yourself spending your down time near the water you will want to choose a home that is near the beach because of the traffic trying to get to and from can be overwhelming. Just be sure to check if your home is in a flood zone. Living in a flood zone can mean expensive flood insurance (which you will NOT want to skip.)


The beach may be a blast but it also means humidity. With humidity comes the risk of your precious belongings being damaged while in your storage unit. You will want to make sure to get the climate controlled storage. You may not think that it will make much of a difference but long term exposure to that kind of heat and humidity can cause damage to many different materials. Play it safe and go climate controlled.

U-Haul of Western Florida President Dave Thompson offers some advice for living in the area:

Do you have tips for living in Western Florida? Let us know in the comments below!