Moving A Mattress (INFOGRAPHIC)

(updated 4/7/17)

Moving a mattress is one of the most important and tricky parts of a move.  The awkward shape makes it difficult to carry, pack and unpack.  Because they come in a few different sizes, determining if your mattress will fit in whichever vehicle you use for transport can be hit or miss. This is why you should take into account the size of your mattress before renting a trailer or truck.

Remember, transporting your mattress properly will extend its lifetime and prevent wear and tear. For even more protection, I recommend you get a mattress bag to protect both the mattress itself and the box spring from the elements during your move! For as low as $3.95 (Queen Size Mattress Bag) you can save your thousand dollar mattress from getting dragged or scraped during loading and unloading. Some mattress bags also help you carry the mattress as they come with handles.

To eliminate the guessing game, the infographic guide below will help you pick the right size U-Haul Truck or Cargo Trailer to move your mattress.

Moving a mattress infographic