Getting Ready for Baby: 10 Tips to Set Up a Nursery

Are you getting ready for your baby? Having a baby is one of the most tremendous experiences in the world but can be stressful if you are not prepared to care of your newborn.  To help you enjoy every precious moment with your baby– here are my top 10 tips for getting your nursery prepared.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate!  Get your nursery ready at least four months prior, if not sooner!  My son was pre-term by one day, not only did I NOT have my nursery ready – but I missed the baby shower.
  2. Nighttime:  Get a convertible baby crib that will grow with your baby, evenSnuggle Nest though your baby may not spend much time in that crib initially.  My son slept in the snuggle nest in our bed.  Being able to stare at him for endless hours and having him close by to monitor breathing and head position without getting out of bed worked the best for our family, but everyone is different.
  3. Diaper Changing Table Must Haves:  A changing table is one of the most important areas to have prepared before your little one arrives.  Diapers and baby wipes… just when you think you have enough, buy double what you have.  Other supplies are diaper rash cream, petroleum jelly, hand sanitizer, baby lotion and wash clothes (used to cover a boy). We used the snuggle nest in our bed, so we purchased a Pack N Play with changing table and placed next to our bed.  Making it easy to change a diaper without having to go to another room.  The Pack N Play will come in handy when your little one starts to roll and crawl.

    Pack N Play
  4. Rocking chair:  A rocking chair makes for a relaxing time during feeding and is an item that will be used as your child grows.
  5. Supplies:   Did I mention diapers and wipes?  Get used to buying lots of them.  Plus, ample diaper rash cream, covers, crib sheets, burp cloths and clothes.  ALWAYS keep items within arms length, as you NEVER want to leave a newborn alone.

  6. Other necessities: A humidifier, night light, baby bath tub, hairbrush, nail clippers, thermometer and pacifiers – my favorite pacifier is the Wubbanub.
  7. Extras:  There are many gadgets available to make your nursery complete:  a mobile, baby monitor, wipes warmer, clock, music player, TV with DVD player and an electric nasal aspirator are just a few to consider.
  8. Disposal:  You will be up to your ears in dirty laundry and diapers which is why a dirty diaper pail and a laundry basket will help keep the trash where it belongs.
  9. Window covers:  Babies need sleep to maintain a healthy growth cycle.  To help your little one get the best rest possible invest in window covers or black out shades.
  10. Lastly:  Your nursery isn’t complete without lots of love to make a lifetime of memories.

Do you know of a nursery item we just can’t live without? Don’t keep it to yourself, tell us about it!