Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Storage

Motorcycle and dirt bike storageMotorcycle and dirt bike storage is something you might want to consider during the winter. Ice, snow and freezing temperatures don’t make for the best riding conditions, so storing your bike is a great alternative to letting your bike sit outside and rust, or clutter up your garage.

Storage Units – A self-storage unit is great for storing your dirt bike or motorcycle. Keeping your bike out of the elements will help to keep the paint from fading, and stop corrosion and rust from rain and snow. If your bike is a classic, or special to you in some other way, then getting an inside storage unit may be worth it to keep the mint condition and running great.

Fuel – You should ask if the facility requires that you remove the fuel from your bike if you are storing it in a self-storage unit. Flammable liquids are often banned from storage facilities. In addition, the gas in your tank can go stale if you leave it sitting for too long. Should you decide draining the fuel is the right option for you, do it before going to the storage facility,  then bring your motorcycle to the storage location using a motorcycle trailer.

Covered Parking – Covered parking is another option for motorcycle storage. Some storage locations offer covered parking that can help to shield your bike from the sun and the rain. It may not offer as much protection from the elements as a drive-up self-storage unit,  but you may still want to consider it. A tarp covering can also provide additional covering from the elements.  Access may be easier, especially if you plan on taking your bike out on a regular basis. You also will not need to drain the fuel unless you plan on storing your motorcycle for several months without running it.

Permissions – Not all storage facilities will allow you to store your bike in all storage units. Be sure to specifically ask if you can store a motorcycle or dirt bike. This way they can get you either a unit with outside drive-up access, or the unit best suited for motorcycle and dirt bike storage.

You may need to empty the gas tank when storing your motorcycle.

Size – Make sure that you have carefully measured the size of your bike to ensure that it will fit within your storage unit. The customer service representative should be able to provide you with the exact dimensions of your storage unit or parking space at the time you sign your rental agreement. You may even be able to rent a space large enough to store multiple bikes.

Inquire about security measures where you are storing your motorcycleSecurity – Ask about the security measures taken at the location you choose. There are multiple levels of security that can help to keep your motorcycle or dirt bike safe. Some locations offer controlled access, electronic gates and perimeter fencing. Others offer 24-7 security cameras, on site staff or security. These different features can give you a little piece of mind that your bike will stay safe while you aren’t riding it.

Locks – Even with the best security you will still want to bring your own bike lock. You do not want your motorcycle or dirt bike to be a tempting target.

What do you do with your bike during the winter months if you are not out riding it? Have you ever used motorcycle or dirt bike storage? Let us know in the comments.