Moving to College: How to Save Money


As you prepare yourself for the journey of moving to college, you’re probably experiencing several different emotions. There are many new adventures that await you as you enter this new phase of life: adulthood. As a college student, you will have the chance to learn and grow; both academically, and personally. Your pockets, however, will likely not be growing at the same rate. Making frugal decisions is something you should get comfortable with now, because you will likely become an expert over the next four years.

The good news is, there are many things you can do to save money as a college student, and some begin before you even leave home. One of those things is planning your move. Moving in general requires planning in advance to get the best deals. But, in addition to making reservations for your moving equipment in advance, you may also want to consider the following alternatives for college moving if you are flexible.  They could save you a lot of money.

Sharing Trucks: If you and a friend in your hometown are both moving to the same or nearby colleges, then think about renting a larger moving truck than you would on your own, and sharing it. It’s likely that neither of you have too much stuff just yet in life, so sharing a truck allows you to pack your things together and move it all in one trip. Not only will you end up sharing the cost of the truck, but also the cost of fuel and driving duty. Not to mention, moving can be more fun with a friend. So, rally your BFF and start packing. You’ll  be glad you were able to share this journey together.

Round Trip With Parents: If you’re anything like me, the next four years will be just like the last 18. You’re parents will still be a major part of your life, and will help you out of plenty of sticky situations. Moving is no exception. If they’re willing to help you move, then let them! You will be happy you did. And, in the spirit of helping, consider a round-trip rental to save some money. A round trip rental involves loading the truck in your hometown, taking it to college and unpacking, then letting your sweet, sweet parents drive back home in the truck, returning it to the same location from which it was picked up. This may seem like a lot of unnecessary inconvenience when the other option is simply returning the truck in your college town, but when you consider the savings you could stand to receive, plus the fact that they will be making the drive back home either way; whether it’s in their own vehicle, or a U-Haul, it’s easy to see why this option makes a lot of sense.

Alternate Destinations: It may seem like a no-brainer to rent a truck and take it directly to the city in which your college is located. But, if you are willing to drive a few extra miles after unloading your stuff into the dorm and take the truck back to a neighboring city, you could save big time! The rates of returning in a different city may be lower because the rental company wants to get more equipment to that area or, more likely, away from the college city where they may get a backup during these busy seasons. Check with the rental company to see if an alternate drop-off destination could save you any money.

Special College Moving Services: If you are not hip to the idea of renting a truck and transporting your stuff, you can consider letting someone else do it for you! Companies now exist, like College Boxes, that will pick up your packed boxes and deliver them to your new abode! Check out the website to see if this service is available at your university:

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Have you ever used any of these methods to save money during a move? Are there any other ways you have saved money on a rental truck that we left out? Let us know below in the comment’s section!